Saturday, April 14, 2007

What do I believe about God?

Tomorrow's sermon at Skagit UUF is the 4th in the series on theological questions and is entitled "Who or What is in Charge?" Rather than publish the whole sermon, which, with readings, would be incredibly long, I am publishing the closing words. I would love to hear how others would answer the question.

What do I believe about God?
I am an atheist, if you ask me about the old white guy in the sky. I am a believer, if you ask me about nature or spirit or love. I am an agnostic, if you ask for proofs of God. I am a believer, if you ask for my experience of God.
To me, God is all----nature, spirit, love, cosmos, creation. God is in all----in me, in you, in my belongings, in my animals and the plants I tend, in all beings, animate and inanimate. God is in my relationships----with myself, with other beings, with the universe. God is beyond all----infinite, endless, limitless.
How can I know God? How can I not know God? God is all around me, God is within me, God is beyond me. God is in all my experience, yet beyond my experience.
God is mystery, yet I know God when I tend my garden, when I care for my pets, when I nurture my relationships.
God is invisible, yet I view God in the starry sky, in a mountain meadow, in a mighty storm.
God is infinite, yet I experience God in the limitless ocean, in an endless prairie of grass, in the wind which cools the hot day.
God is not human, yet I pray for God’s guidance; God is impersonal, yet I seek God’s blessing; God is detached, yet I feel God’s presence. God is genderless, yet I sense God’s understanding of my womanhood. God is changeless, yet I am aware of the continuous growth of creation.
What do you believe about God?

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Ellis said...

Those are terrific closing words. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!