Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blogs that make me think

MamaG at Mom to the Left has honored me by nominating Ms. Kitty's as a blog that makes her think and invites me to nominate five blogs that make me think. So I am going to try to use my limited linking skills and do so. Give me a few tries to get it right, okay?

First of all, a disclaimer: others have already nominated some of those whom I have in my bookmarks. And I notice that all of these blogs are written by women. Not that men's writings don't make me think, but somehow, these appeal to me in particular ways.

In mostly alphabetical order, I nominate:

Earthbound Spirit

Educated and Poor

Jubilata in the Desert

Mile High Pixie

Sexuality and Religion

The Thinking Blog is where it all started, if you're interested in participating.

Comments: I discovered Earthbound Spirit recently through a comment made on my blog. Educated and Poor comes from a college teacher in Georgia whose pets (one hen, Myrtle Mae, and several cats) figure heavily in her blog. Mile High Pixie is her sister, an architect in Denver. Jubilata comes from the high desert of New Mexico and is written by Judith Walker Riggs, one of my favorite preachers and colleagues, even though I don't know her except through her blog. Sexuality and Religion covers issues related to sexual ethics and social issues.

I would have nominated Linguist Friend over at ChaliceChick, except that CC was already nominated and I wasn't sure how to separate him out. But his posts and comments always challenge my thinking.

Now let me check and see if this worked.

This is one of those memish things, and those I nominated are invited to go to the Thinking Blog, follow the procedure, and nominate their own favorite thinkers. You can get a nifty banner for your blog if you want to.


Mile High Pixie said...

eeeee! thanks for the props! I'm doing a happy dance here in my little corner of Capitol Hill, knowing that I've poked someone's brain with a a good way. :-P

Joel Monka said...

I was nominated by uuMomma, and would have nominated you, except you're already nominated- but rest assured that I check you for new posts every time I log on!

ms. kitty said...

It just goes to show that we all love a little attention, doesn't it? Thanks to both of you for what you contribute to my knowledge and understanding. Joel, UUMomma beat me to you, but I read you all the time. Aha, Pixie, I've spotted you!

Miss Kitty said...

Thanks, Ms. K! I'm honored! [blushing] Geez, thanks! I'd better get off my duff and come up with a Thinking Blog list of my own. Your blog makes me think deeply on a regular basis.

Earthbound Spirit said...

Thank you very kindly, Ms. Kitty. I just posted my own list of nominees. So many bloggers thinking and writing - and I get to read 'em! What a wonderful world...

LinguistFriend said...

Thank you for your comments, Kit.
I have wondered how one might describe the difference between your blog and others. "thinking blog" is good and certainly includes it. "minister's blog"
is probably a little better, since often you make a point of conveying the more complex aspects of a minister's functioning, not only intellectual but also emotional. It is still not quite adequate, however. Hmm. I will think about that.

ms. kitty said...

Such a nice thing to say, LF! Thank you for implying that there's something uniquely valuable to Ms. Kitty's. I'm honored.