Saturday, April 07, 2007

Standing Vigil with the Women in Black

Last night, I stood vigil with the Women in Black for 90 minutes along highway 525, the main north/south route on the island. Dressed all in black, in silent witness for peace, fifty women of all ages stood in a long line facing the highway as cars whizzed by.

Many cars slowed down to get a good look. Many flashed peace signs or waved or honked in support. A few flashed something else or yelled obscenities. Here on the south end of the island, the atmosphere is progressive and there is a lot of speaking out about the war in Iraq. On the north end, there is a Navy air base and the attitude is much more conservative.

Several women from my congregation were present, one in a wheelchair. I felt proud to be part of the gathering.


Jane R said...

Dear Kit, We know each other via PeaceBang, where I post pseudonymously. I check in on your blog periodically and appreciate it a great deal. Thank you for vigiling. You may want to have a look at my meditation for yesterday, Good Friday, re: the women of Jerusalem.

Until two years ago I was in the Bay Area and always vigiled on Good Friday at Livermore Labs with an ecumenical group of people. Still settling in here with a college teaching job and many church things on the side so I have been doing community things only selectively (and trying to get enough sleep!). I'm grateful to you for putting yourself out there. Blessings.


ms. kitty said...

Thank you, Jane. I was moved by your meditation for Good Friday. I appreciate your directing us to it. Well done.