Monday, April 23, 2007

To Think or not to Think

Hmmm, that is the question. When you've been designated a "thinking blog", you are kind of on the spot. Does every post have to inspire great thoughts in others? Does every post have to represent my great thoughts? Such a dilemma!

I have not thought of Ms. Kitty's as being particularly philosophical or inspiring. When LinguistFriend, in a comment, remarked that the blog seemed to need its own category, I did a run-through of the other ministers' blogs I read and realized that Ms.Kitty's is different from theirs.

Each minister who writes a blog has her/his own style, but largely that style is prophetic and preacherly. I can do that and have on occasion, but I'm a teacher at heart. I want to teach people about ministry.

What that means is that I write from the heart of a minister. I write about the questions I think people have about ministry. I document my own efforts at being a minister, the quailings, failings, and flailings (woowee, there's a sermon title, though a banjo player might add "frailings"!). I try to be optimistic, even as I'm feeling sad or indignant.

I think there would be less angst in congregations about ministers if people knew what a minister's life is really like. I hope I can fill that need a bit.


juffie said...

Ah, MsKitty, being a thinking blog isn't just about you thinking, though you clearly do!, it's about how much you make us think, and you are a thinking blog because you often set off a chain of thought for me -- it's why I turn to you every day!

And thank you, thank you, thank you for nominating me as a thinking blog -- to me, it's just wittering about life in the high desert! I'm working on my list of five today ... thanks so much! And now you've got me thinking about how to help other people understand the normal people nature of ministry.

Joel Monka said...

Don't feel on the spot now that you've been tabbed as a blog that makes you think- remember that the reader has their own interpretation of what they're reading, regardless of what you write... and that one of my most profound revelations was inspired by a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

LinguistFriend said...

I think that my reaction to your
minister's blog indicates that you project one minister's persona well (well, to me, at least, but I think to others also). It took me a long time to infer a certain amount of what had to be going on in a minister's mind (mostly the troubled ones, because one is not forced to figure out the ones who function well). You put it right out there, for which I and apparently many others are grateful. And don't try to think too hard. The important thing is to have a good question, the rest will follow.

ms. kitty said...

Thank you, my dear ones, for your insights and encouragement. I do hope I get to meet you all someday, perhaps in Portland this summer. And, Juffie, I love your "it's why I turn to you every day". Wow, what a compliment! Thank you.

Mile High Pixie said...

It makes me think when I learn what goes on in your life with regards to being a human being in a sorta-kinda above-the-fray profession. If we all knew how hard life was for everyone every day, I think a lot of violence and anger and distrust would dissolve.

And there's not enough thinking and musing going on in the world today, says I! Think on! And make us think on!