Saturday, April 21, 2007

Loosy the Love Cat..

is ensconced on my lap as I write, looking adoringly up with her big blue eyes and purring madly. She has learned to read my face to predict when I am going to get up from the chair. She also tenses when my thighs move slightly, in case she needs to make a quick leap to the floor.

Poor Loos, she has to make a lot of quick leaps when she is on my lap because I am a fidgeter and don't sit still for long. But she seems philosophical about the whole deal and always returns as soon as I sit down again.

I think her secret agenda is to keep Lily OFF my lap. Lily has grown a lot since she was a kitten, and her favorite trick at that time was to climb up my front and curl up on the modest shelf which is my bosom. She still does that, but now she weighs some 15 pounds or so and is not so much curled up as slopping over the edges and dangling toward Loosy's nose, which is an unwelcome sight for the Loos.

Lily's trick now requires that I place an arm strategically so that she can loll into it, shift her backbone against my arm and let her feet and legs project kittenishly into the air. She is not a dignified cat under any circumstances, and this pose is so endearingly unselfconscious that I am inclined to encourage the trick.

I am lolling about myself this afternoon, having had time today to get a few things done around the house---getting some planting tubs moved to the deck, tidying up the back patio, pressing some new linen slacks that just arrived in the mail, and picking up some trash along the road and driveway.

Tomorrow's homilito is ready to go-------it's an Earth Day themed intergenerational service, so the homilito is aimed at the kids more than at the adults. I think our adults will be patient and receptive. This is such a lovely congregation!


Mile High Pixie said...

Baahahaa! My cats sit on me with a similar degree of detente. If they both snuggle on me, I have to put a blanket over my legs so Maddy can lie under it and Hazel can lie over it. This way, they can't see each other, and if they can't see each other, then they're Mama's only kitty. :-P

(By the way, I'm glad to see that your moderating presence and the kind tone of your blog allows for a civil discussion of hot-button issues.)

ms. kitty said...

The mental picture of Maddy and Hazel is hilarious. Thanks for that.

I have been pleased with the reasoned tone of the discussion of the previous post. I learned a lot from both sides and gained a lot of respect for those who could put forth their views without denigrating others.

Thanks for your kind remark.

Mama G said...

Hey, Ms. Kitty, I hate to piggyback onto your post about the cat, but I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my Top 5 of "Thinking Blogs". Check out my blog post today to find out more about it.

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, MamaG. Now I want to figure out how to join the meme and display the hotsy-totsy banner on my site! Me, a Thinking Blog!