Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth Day Redux

We had a great Earth Day service at UUCWI yesterday. It was an intergenerational service and the children offered a good deal of the service, with some adult support. Lots of music and singing, a youth as layleader, another youth as pianist, a few choir members to help bolster singing, and our dear, harried DRE managing the whole works. And I was to present the homily.

A homily in an intergen service is a challenge but also a chance for me to trot out my teacher persona, because it's necessary to engage both kids and adults and keep everyone attentive to the topic. I like to throw out questions for everyone to answer, kids and adults alike, and that was an effective strategy yesterday. I also brought a box full of some of the ways I am trying to live more simply and gently on the earth.

As I had packed the box of stuff, I made a list of the ways I'm trying to change my habits to live more gently. Here's what I'm doing. I'd be interested in what you're doing.

--I'm changing incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent.
--I'm growing some of my own food.
--I've turned down the thermostat to 64.
--I'm driving less.
--I don't heat unused rooms.
--I use a clothesline part of the time, especially for sheets.
--I recycle everything possible.
--I carpool when I can.
--I go to thrift shops.
--I keep my car cared for and the tires filled properly.
--I pay some bills online.
--I buy green power.
--I eat vegetarian more often.
--I use a canvas bag for groceries.
--I recycle plastic bags.
--I buy locally produced food when available.
--I shut off the computer at night.
--I plugged my TV into a power strip and turn it off in the day.
--I turn off lights when not in use.
--I buy recycled paper products.
--I avoid heavy packaging.

In short, I am trying to live more lightly and more simply. The congregation offered some of its own ideas as well. It felt like we are doing something to heal the environment. It felt good.

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