Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Talking about God...

is tough for a lot of Unitarian Universalists. So in my sermon on Sunday for the Skagit UU Fellowship, I'll be interspersing several humorous and poetic readings about God, to make it easier for folks to hear what I'm saying. This is the fourth sermon in a series on theological questions; the question is "Who or What is in charge?", the question of cosmology.

The readings include "Symposium" by Joe Rush, "A New Microsoft Product Bulletin" (internet), "Adam's Lament" by Nicholas Biel, "Why God Never Got Tenure" (internet), "Inventing Sin" by George Ella Lyon, and "On the Origin of Pets" (internet). My "homilitos" have such themes as "Struggling with the God concept", "When God doesn't measure up", and "Why Humans fail; when humans need more". All readings will be given by members of the Skagit Fellowship.

Our hymns will be #23 "Bring Many Names" and #199 "Precious Lord".

The service will conclude with "What do I believe about God?", which is my personal statement.

Over the years I've listened to many people talk about the God they don't believe in but not much about what they might believe. This has caused me to think hard about what I do believe. And that has been a useful process.

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