Monday, April 09, 2007

Dubai? Lithuania? Singapore?

I like checking the Sitemeter on the blog periodically to get a sense of who's visiting. There are little bits of information that can be gleaned by clicking the various categories and it's fun to think about Miss Kitty in Georgia, for example, or Mile High Pixie in Denver having read the latest. Or to see Linguist Friend's town pop up on the list or Joel the Neff out there in the wilds of Eastern Washington. I can only guess at most of who is reading the blog, but I like to try.

Today I found that readers from Dubai, Lithuania, and Singapore had visited Ms. Kitty's! I've had visitors from all over the globe and it makes me feel like I myself am doing some cyber traveling.

Looking at the "referrals" data, I'm always intrigued by how people land at Ms. Kitty's. Lots of people google "Neovita", which I wrote about months ago, not in a particularly benevolent way, and that column probably got more comments than any other one! I even got a very nice comment from a Neovita manager in Tacoma, offering some recompense for my unfortunate experience with Neovita orthotics.

But Dubai? Lithuania? Singapore? I'd love to know who those folks are and how they managed to find Ms. Kitty's. If you are one of those folks, would you be willing to write a comment about it?

In fact, I'd love to hear from anyone who is willing to chime in about who they are and how they got here.


Jo said...

I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I get here (regularly) through :)

Joel Monka said...

Indianapolis, IN here. I don't remember whether it was UUPdate or ChaliceChick who first alerted me to your quality writing.

ms. kitty said...

How nice of you both to reply! Jo, I'm glad to meet you. Joel, I had kind of figured out that you were Indianapolis, but there are other Indianans showing up too, and I wasn't sure which one you are.

Thanks, both of you.

Earthbound Spirit said...

I sort of live on the road between Milwaukee and Chicago! I think I first visited through UUpdates, but now your blog is on my feeds list. This post prompted me to check my own sitemeter report - someone in Queensland visits regularly! Wow.

ms. kitty said...

Thank you, ES. I read your blog too!

Erin said...

and now you can add Sicily to your list of visitors, of course, now that I know you are here, I hope to visit more often. :-) Erin whose heart is still in Washington. :-D

ms. kitty said...

Erin, it's so good to hear from you! We miss you here too and look forward to your safe return to us.