Sunday, April 15, 2007

Going on Retreat

In a little while I'll leave for our spring ministers' retreat down near Dash Point on Puget Sound. I'm very much feeling the need for some R & R after preaching every Sunday for two months with no break. I'm not even going to church this afternoon, even though I would love to see my "flock". There is a guest speaker and it would be nice to hear him, but I'm pretty scorched by overwork right now, and, no matter how lay folks say "just think of it as a social occasion", it ain't possible. If you're with congregants, you're "on". And I don't have it to be "on" right now.

I woke up with muscle spasms in my back this morning, probably the result of too many hours at the computer working on the infernal homily for the retreat worship service, and just toughed it out driving 55 miles to Mt. Vernon to speak.

The adrenaline of preaching always tames the angry beast for awhile, and I drove back with little discomfort. Now, though, it's kicking up a little bit again, and I need to be able to move around.

There's going to be a long ferry line getting off the island, I imagine, since it's been a beautiful day (sorry about that, you Northeasterners with your Nor'easter), but I have a couple of new murder mysteries (Stephen White and Jonathan Kellerman, so I'll be fine in the line. And I have my trusty heatpack to keep the kinks out of my back.

There's an ordination in Portland, so the Oregon folks will be driving up late and the retreat will get underway about 9 or so. I have plenty of time to get there.

Back Wednesday!


Miss Kitty said...

Have fun, Ms. K! Take it easy with that back, now.

Joel said...

The phrase "infernal homily" carries up some amusing implications. :)

LinguistFriend said...

I hope that the retreat was productive, that someone gave you a back-rub, and that you come back trailing clouds of glory.

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, all, for not forgetting me while I was gone! I appreciate the encouragement and the wit. Alas, no back rub, but I am much refreshed. The worship this morning went swimmingly, though I changed most of the homily and went through contortions trying to find a way to get it printed locally. All came out fine and it was a good closing worship. Now I have to catch up and I'll be back on your very small screen shortly.