Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two hours of fear...

ended a few minutes ago when the lights came back on in my house. At 1:45 today, a major windstorm kicked up, the trees were a-rockin' and a-rollin' and though I wasn't losing anything but a few branches, it was fairly nerve-wracking. At 3:45, the power went out and I was struck with the dread that came to visit last winter when the power was out for days.

I checked the batteries, got out the lantern and headlamp, figured out what a cold supper would look like, reassured the cats who were edgy and running around madly with the gusty wind, put on a couple more layers, and settled in for what might have been a long haul. I was reassuring myself that the power would certainly be back on in time for me to finish the sermon I've been dawdling on all week and get the newsletter info to the editor.

But there were no guarantees. I called the power company's emergency line a couple of times to see if there were any predictions about when it would be fixed, but they know better than to make too many promises.

And just as I finished my cold supper and went to add another layer, on came the lights, the fridge fired back up, the radiators started to do their thing again, and I was suffused by a wave of gratitude. The relief is immense. We've dodged the bullet again, at least for now!


कुलचन्द्र कथामण्डप said...

Why no guarantees by the way?

You had hard time then! It happens sometimes.

Jan said...

I'm sorry, but am glad things are better now.