Saturday, October 20, 2007

Falling in love at the Farmers' Market

I only went because I am all out of decent vegetables and there are only two more weekends of Farmers' Markets. It was cold and blustery and I almost didn't stay because I'd forgotten my green grocery bag in the car. But I went back to get it and then, because it was cold, stopped at the first booth because they had fresh corn and fresh beets, which I adore. And I was paying for them ($2 total for three ears of corn and a bunch of beautiful beets), when one of the children of the farmer said, "don't you want a kitten?"

And I protested, really I did, but when I looked at the little pansy face peeking out of one boy's jacket, a little white face with a big orange blotch on his forehead and immense blue-green eyes, I was lost. Lost, I tell you! I kept saying no out loud and wondering what Loosy and Lily would think and in the end, the little pansy face was peeking out of my jacket and I was doomed.

So now this little one is hiding in the furnace room where he has devoured a half can of Friskies, awaiting the moment when Lily and Loosy aren't looking and he can come upstairs and explore. They are pretty tense about the whole thing but nobody has done anything but hiss mildly and look bug-eyed.

This baby is so beautiful! He's medium-long-haired, white with orange patches. He needs a name and I'm leaning toward something beginning with an M and having two syllables. I started out with Maxie, but couldn't shake the similarity to certain hygiene products. His name will come to me----maybe you have a suggestion?

And I will probably have to increase my pet deposit with my landlord, if all goes well and I actually keep him. It will depend on how the L cats manage this intrusion. They're pretty mellow so I think it will go okay, but time will tell. I will post a picture when he comes out of hiding.

UPDATE: my sister suggested Maxwelton as a name, so that I have an excuse to call him Maxie that has nothing to do with feminine products. And since there is a local area of the island called Maxwelton, that will be his name and Maxie will be what I call him.


Anonymous said...

Chris and Jan suggest calling him Marble. We know what a "creamsicle" his new cat mom is!

uuMomma said...

Glad you came up with a name--all I could think of was Marshmallow (i know, it's 3 syllables).

Ms. Theologian said...

I think you should post photos. :) He sounds adorable.

Mile High Pixie said...

eeeeeeeee!! EEEEE!!! [snuggling motion] A new beyby in the house!! eeeeeeee!!! [hopping up and down]

Apologies for the over-enthusiasm, but mad props and congratulations over the adoption of ryour little one! Doesn't it always happen like that? I love the farmer's market (the Cherry Creek one just closed for the year here), and I often find myself coming home with something from there that I didn't expect to get...thought never a kitten. Yet.

ms. kitty said...

When I lived in Denver, Pixie, I got a lot of my kittens at King Soopers. For you non-Coloradans, that's the Kroger-type supermarket. The Westland (Colfax and Quail) King Soopers was my best source.

LinguistFriend said...

My goodness, what a sucker you are; one would think that you were a minister. My larger cat is obviously lonely after the demise of her last litter-mate during the summer, and I have thought of getting another cat for company, but the house has not entirely recovered from the last sickness of her litter-mate. At least it is cheaper than adopting humans (the young friend I visited in Portland is seriously in the hospital, damn it).

ms. kitty said...

Guilty as charged, LF. I am a sucker though, to my credit, I have resisted for the past four years. At least I've resisted adding another cat to my family. I've not been so stalwart in other moments of suckerdom.

Earthbound Spirit said...

Oh, yes - take a picture when you can & post it! I was going to suggest Maxwell as a name, but you've already chosen one that's quite similar. Good luck with the introductions to L & L, and Congratulations! (My dh is firm about our house only having 2 cats at a time, or we'd be overrun...)