Friday, October 12, 2007

Okay, I'm back and I'm a little steamed.

Why is the UUA's big fundraising date, Association Sunday, Oct. 14, happening on what has for years been Solidarity Sunday, the Sunday closest to National Coming Out Day? Every year since I've been in the ministry, I've used this important date to focus on the civil rights issues of Bi/Gay/Lesbian/Transgender people----marriage equality, most recently, but attitudes, protections, homophobia in other years.

I asked my pal Keith Kron, who runs the office of BGLT concerns, why this would be, because it doesn't seem like a sensible thing to do, when BGLT rights are so important to UUs everywhere (or at least I thought they were!). Keith is inclined to think that the powers that be (PTB) didn't make the connection; they didn't ask him for his opinion before scheduling it. And I"m inclined to think that the PTB are unaware that there is anything important about this Sunday, so they felt free to superimpose Ass Sun on a day which many congregations have regularly used to celebrate advances in BGLT civil rights.

I'm bothered by this oversight. I mostly approve of the programs the UUA offers us. I'm grateful for the support from our district and from the national organization, but I feel as if they dropped the ball on this one.

When I got the Ass. Sun. stuff in the mail, I looked at the suggested date and immediately said to myself, "nope, not doing it that day, got Angela coming to speak about being a Pentecostal evangelist who was outed by an enemy and lost her family, her vocation, and her ordination all at one fell swoop. Not gonna do that to her. We're going to have the UUA's fundraiser on another date."

And so we are. We're going to have our big Tout for the UUA on the 28th. And I've written a letter to Bill Sinkford and Stephan Papa asking why the date was chosen and how come they didn't remember the importance of this national day of dignity for BGLT people. I'll let you know what they say.


Anonymous said...

The 14th is also clergy appreciation day. I know of at least a couple ministers who scheduled a pulpit swap for Association Sunday, making it difficult for the membership to say thank you this Sunday.

Mile High Pixie said...

AssSun! Baahahaaa! I don't blame you for being steamed. Good call on asking what the deal is. Both days need proper attention.

Joel said...

AssSun! Baahahaaa!

Thank you, MHP! I wanted to point out the aptness of the abreviation myself, but I was afraid of being labeled homophobic or something. (Or at least irretrievably vulgar.) :)

ms. kitty said...

Woops, didn't think of the potential homophobia connection till you pointed it out, Joel. But I do think the decision of the UUA was ASSinine!

Jess said...

It also happens to be the long-planned weekend of the Mountain Desert District Assembly -- another thing the PTB just sort of glossed over on the calendar.

Robin Edgar said...
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