Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Let the Games begin!

I'm in Portland now, standing in the Cyber Cafe pounding out my first GA post. I have in my bag a stack of notices to post on the GA bulletin board for all the bloggers going to the dinner. They will go up under your screen name or the name you rsvped under. I forgot to put the date on them, but you know what the date is. The West bound MAX is right outside the Convention Center door, so it's easy to find. Skidmore Fountain is about a ten minute ride.

CC, sorry you're not crazy about Portland yet. But you might get more enamored as time goes on. You're pretty tired, I imagine and that's not the best way to see Portland.

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Chalicechick said...

Ok, now I'M in the Cyber Cafe, looking around, but you're not here.

Ah well. I left my number for you on the message board.

Text me!