Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blogger Dinner Reminders

PeaceBang reminds me to insist that all those coming to the Blogger Dinner, this Friday at 6 p.m. or as soon as you can get there from the blogger presentation by several of our kin, BRING LOTS OF CASH AND DON'T ASSUME THAT THE RESTAURANT TAKES CHECKS!

We will gather at 6 p.m. or thereabouts, at Alexis Greek Restaurant at 215 West Burnside (503-224-8577). I will be calling them today to reaffirm our dinner party and will immediately post if there is a change in plans, so check in at MsKitty's from the GA CyberCafe on Friday, to see if there are any changes. I hope there won't be, but I haven't talked to them for a little while.

I don't know most people's real names, so if you get a physical, paper note from me about the dinner, you'll get it under your blogger name. Here are the names I'm using:

Linguist Friend
Chalice Chick
Sara Robinson
Earthbound Spirit
UU Enforcer
UU Soul
Postmodern Preacher
Rev. Ricky
Ron Robinson (?)
Every 7th Day
Sonja Cohen

If you're not on this list, or if I have your name wrong, please let me know.

This is probably the last time I will try to post about the dinner unless something goes wrong and we have to change our plans. I'm not leaving for GA till Wednesday morning, so you have about 24 hours to let me know. Otherwise, leave me a note on the GA bulletin board under MsKitty or Kit Ketcham.

See you all soon!

UPDATE: I just talked to Jerry at Alexis, we are confirmed for Friday the 22nd at 6:15 p.m., which should give us a little time to get to the restaurant after hearing CC, iMin, Phil, and CO. I told him we would order off the menu, we would pay our own bills with cash, and we had heard that Alexis was the best place in town for something like this. SO! I expect us to be good guests, with plenty of cash, good tippers (no cheapskates allowed!), and courteous to the staff. (Do I sound like your mother? Good!)


Ms. Theologian said...

I did the bill calculations (with a calculator) for 11 writers on Sunday night for Chinese food and it worked out smoothly, mostly because I brought a calculator to divide the bill evenly (who can divide by eleven?). You guys will have a great time.

LaReinaCobre said...

Okay - I will probably be there at 6:30 because it will definitely take more than 15 mins to get from the convention center to the restaurant. See you in a few days!

MaryAlice Ridgway said...

Hey Kit, are you going to PDX for dinner at Alexis? I'm trying to figure out what your notes on your blog mean, and I'm not sure if you're going there for a Bloggers Dinner (in which case I could be invited, since I'm blogging back, but it seems like it's today, and it would be too quick a trip) or if it is GA which I've figured out is General Assembly, which I gather is a UU thing. Or is it something entirely different? Anyway, have fun if you go! I LOVE Alexis in PDX! Love, M.

ms. kitty said...

Hi, Mary Alice,
It's great to hear that we've chosen such a good spot for our Blogger Dinner. Yep, it's a UU thing, GA is our General Assembly or national conference, and all the UU folks who have blogs and are going to be in Portland for GA are coming. I volunteered to put it together because I live in the district. GA runs from Wednesday through Sunday night of this weekend. I'm going down tomorrow morning and will be back home on Monday. We will definitely have a good time!