Friday, April 24, 2009

Yoga? Zen? the potential of the face-down position

It's not "downward dog" or any other pose and it's not precisely meditation, but in my more grateful moments I am finding that face-down is not too bad. Once I let go of all the things I was fretting about, it is rather pleasant. I have classical music playing in the background, the cats are curled up around me (actually, Loosy chose to curl up on my back this afternoon when I was face-down on the bed), and my mind is free to go where it likes.

Sometimes it likes to go to sleep, which is fine; other times it is sentimental and teary over the TLC I'm getting from friends and congregants. I discovered in one of my forays to the computer during a vertical stretch that Richard, one of our Trilogy members, is organizing an informal gathering of the Pete folks, the jam folks, and other assorted musicians to take our place at Rockhoppers tomorrow night. Rockhoppers was going to be impacted hard if we didn't come (yeah, right--deprived of the 10 or 15 groupies we get, but still...) so he decided to do something. The only bad part is that I am going to miss it.

Other things have fallen into place. Our DRE Vanessa is agreeable to the idea that we postpone the intergenerational extravaganza we had (not yet) planned for Mother's Day and I'll do my Sex and the Single Planet sermon on May 10. The worship committee came up with a good replacement program for this Sunday; one of our members is the local Audubon prez and she'll be a good Earth Day Sunday speaker.

The Pete service on May 3 is pretty well planned. Several others are taking part, so it's not just up to me and the other planner.

Boy, this is sure turning out differently than I had expected. I knew I was going to be very busy this two weeks, but I didn't know it was going to be busy with letting go of things, making alternate plans, setting up face-down chairs and that sort of thing. You just never know, do you?

Well, the timer has rung. My 25 minutes of verticality is over. Better go assume the position.


Dan said...

Good news: I'll have our live cam back up for the show, working better than ever. So you don't have to miss the show after all!

ms. kitty said...

Dan, that's wonderful news! Thanks for letting me know. I'll tune in and maybe try to call.

Mile High Pixie said...

Isn't it amazing how much harder it can be to let go and let others do things than it is to do them yourself? You and I have SO much in common, Rev. Kit. Moments like this make me wish I lived near Whidbey Island so I could bring you some pita chips and hummus and feed them to you while you laid face down and hung your head of the sofa. And then I'd feed the kitties tuna and spoil them while you could do NOTHING about it. :-P

ms. kitty said...

Oh, please do come feed me hummus and the kittehs tuna! We would all be thrilled, Pixie!