Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday report

Last night I was able to watch the Rockhoppers conglomeration present a concert/jam spontaneously and with little rehearsal time; what fun they had! And how hard it was not to be there! But they pulled together something lighthearted and enjoyable, periodically mentioning me and saying hi into the camera. I loved it but was so sad not to be there. Of course, if I had been, they wouldn't be doing this remarkable thing!

Today I've been inundated with phone calls, emails, several visits, food, flowers----I haven't had this much attention since I had my heart surgery years ago. I'm getting better every day, though I am not able to see well enough to drive.

Tomorrow night and Tuesday night, my fellow Pete performers are going to come rehearse here at the house, since I can't go to them. So I'll get some time to polish the songs I'm doing with them and see them.

Tomorrow morning I go to see the local optometrist who first diagnosed the problem and Tuesday morning, Carol will take me into Seattle to see Dr. Nash, the surgeon. I hope he will be able to tell me that my careful face-down times are paying off with good solid healing.

Friend Sue from Portland is coming on Thursday for the Pete weekend and if I still can't drive, she can drive us around. It will be fun to have her here.

So I'm still feeling chipper and noticing that the routine of 35 down, 25 up is helping me understand how much I can get done in 25 minutes!

PS. Max is eating a rabbit on the deck as I write. He shucked off the collar I put on him within a few hours and came home without it last night. I called my neighbor to tell her that I had at least tried and she was grateful and understanding. Thank goodness for good neighbors!


Joel said...

At my mom's birthday celebration today, she had a slab of upside-down cake. I immediately thought of you. :P

Mend fast, Auntie!

ms. kitty said...

Gosh, she forgot to tell me that! I would have roared. Thanks for the grins, Joel!

The Eclectic Cleric said...

What a predator Max has turned out to be! What about an actual harness, with both a bell and his ID tags attached front and back? Or maybe you should just let him run wild after all; sounds like you've got a lot going on with your vision besides trying to keep an eye on him.

ms. kitty said...

Hi, Tim, nice to hear from you. Baird and I were talking about how good it would be to see you this summer when you come back to the PNW.

Yep, Max is an inveterate hunter and I have been asking myself if there's anything more I can do, short of finding a sympathetic farmer who doesn't feed birds and would be eager to have a mouser.

But I'd miss him badly, so I'm inclined to let him be himself. The neighbor is sympathetic and not angry, just resigned. He's going to be himself and live here as long as possible.

I've also wondered occasionally how it is that a bird's life is more important than a cat's life, especially when I hear comments like "shoot them" at Audubon meetings when the subject of cats comes up.