Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sex and the Single Planet

Okay, that was just to get your attention. It's the title of next Sunday's sermon about over-population and what that's doing to the earth. More on that later. It's the topic chosen by a couple who purchased the right to tell me what to preach about one Sunday. Some of it is inspired by an exchange of letters to the editor in our local newspaper recently, when a news article revealed that the local Youth Center has condoms and information about safe sex available for teens. Yes, it will deal with birth control, abstinence, responsible sexual choices, STDs, pregnancy, and abortion----in church.

Yesterday we had seven newcomers attend the UU101 class we offer a few times a year. My favorite part is listening to everyone tell about their spiritual journey so far including how they happened to come to our church. Somehow that simple story is a doorway into friendship and a sense of belonging; there are so many similarities between people's experiences with less open congregations/denominations and their desire for a place where they can be honest about themselves. I hope and expect that several will become members this spring.

Last evening, I attended a "Circle Supper" with several other UUCWIers----what fun! It was a great group, very lively and funny. Fabulous dinner---chicken curry with toppings, pea salad, green salad, bread, wine, and mocha cheesecake! Yummmo! What a fabulous meal! I brought home some of the pea salad, which I dearly love, and a chunk of cheesecake! Tonight's dinner of cod baked in ranch sauce will be much enhanced by pea salad and mocha cheesecake! Thanks, Karla and Vicky! And to the B's for their hospitality.

Today was a beautiful day at Woodinville; I spoke about our 6th Source, earth-based religious wisdom, to the delight of their pagan members. Then I scuttled home and sang Woody Guthrie songs at Bayview with the band. Right now I am looking forward to that lovely dinner and a movie---then early to bed!

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