Saturday, April 04, 2009

On the fritz

I sat down at the old (and I do mean old--3 years, an eternity by technostandards, I guess) MacBook this morning after a break of a couple of hours and discovered that I could not access anything, though the thing would boot up and show my home page, tantalizingly, it would not respond to cursor directions.

So the Macfolks have been called, they've advised various treatments which didn't solve anything and ultimately I decided that I will take it into town on Monday for either a new hard drive or (gasp) a new laptop. I have been saving up for just this very moment, when I am needing more from the MacBook than the MacBook can provide quickly. I won't go for the fancy model, but I will get the AppleCare plan so that future repairs will be less expensive.

Mac really is the only way I want to go but a laptop gets carried around enough that shaking and knocks and bumps can lead to needed repairs. It's been in the shop twice in the past 3 years and both times needed a new hard drive. At least I've gotten wiser about backing up; I have almost everything saved safely somewhere.

So I'll be offline for most of the next couple of days. Sorry, just in case you're feeling bereft. Call me if you're lonely!


Kari said...

I am afraid! First Lizard Eater and now Ms. Kitty! There is a plague on the laptops of UU bloggers. :-)

Good luck!

ogre said...

Ms. Kitty, before you spend those dollars...

There are a number of inexpensive (a few hundred dollars) laptops that are small. They aren't trying to be full-fledged computers like current laptops; they lack CD drives and such, but they are small, light, and very capable. About the size of a daytimer, closed.

For dragging around all the time, taking the battering so that you have notes, or can take them, or to connect to wi-fi and post, or to work on a sermon when you have a half-hour... they might well be optimal choices--protecting your investment in a more capable, larger laptop.

(I know someone who took one traveling; small and light and less obtrusive... and yet he could download all his digital photos, update his website from a cybercafé... and the best part, he said, was that if it was lost or stolen or a cup of something deadly to electronics got spilled on it, it would only have been an anoyance, and not a major disaster.)

I don't think there's an Apple like that--yet. But I could be wrong.

Anyway, it's worth checking into.

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, Ogre, for the ideas. I'll probably opt for an Apple anyhow because I'm so familiar with them. But I'll be verrrrrry careful where I take it.

Kari, is it time to send in Moses?

Earthbound Spirit said...

Call me superstitious, but I'm backing everything up, again. Just sayin'...