Sunday, May 20, 2007

Update on "the situation"

A day or so ago I mentioned a sticky situation in which an acquaintance had emailed a bunch of folks to complain about a way in which he was feeling mistreated. To be a little more forthcoming about the situation, I will say that it was an employment kerfuffle between a recently retired person and a non-profit board of directors and interim CEO.

This morning I took part in a conference call with the full board, interim CEO and other staff members and was reassured by the calm and transparent approach to the situation. I was further reassured that my contributions and perceptions of the situation were right on and that they were appreciated.

It is always disappointing to know that someone whom I like, warts and all, has behaved improperly and must be restrained. Yet the openness and non-censorial attitude of the board, staff, and interim are encouraging and I am confident that I did the appropriate thing in responding as I did.

It sometimes takes awhile, a little more distance, and corroboration from another credible person to help me feel less conflicted. I still care for this person yet understand him better as well.