Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Daily Blogroll

One of my pleasures in life these days is checking UUpdates regularly and seeing who has said what on their UU blog. And there are several I read every day; I've linked to them on the left. I'd invite you to check out these new---and some longtime---friends.

There are a few I've discovered who are not part of the UU blogosphere but whose postings resonate with me for one reason or another. Check out the pictures of Myrtle Mae on Miss (as opposed to Ms.)Kitty's Educated and Poor, for example, or learn about the intricacies of architecture from Mile High Pixie, Miss K's sister, or visit Rockhoppers Daily Grind, my favorite coffee house on Whidbey. Going Jesus has the cutest baby I've seen for awhile plus some pretty hilarious links to Jesus kitsch.

And my friend Margaret Marcuson has a blog dedicated to Ed Friedman's family systems theory as it applies to churches; I'm a big fan. Margaret and I used to belong to a clergywomen's group together when I lived in Portland. She's really on top of church dynamics!

I also check out interesting posts by others who show up on UUpdates but not necessarily every day.

Ain't this fun?


Joel said...

Feel free to delete this since it's off topic, but you've been tagged for a meme. Let me know if and when you take it up.

ms. kitty said...
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ms. kitty said...

I'll do some thinking about it and let you know. I've never been a big movie buff, though. But thanks for tagging me, even if I poop out.