Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogger dinner alert

Berry's Mom has alerted me that the Friday night chosen for the Blogger dinner is the same night as the Starr King and Meadville/Lombard dinners, which means that some of our minister and candidate bloggers may not be able to attend. I also note from the GA schedule that a workshop on blogging will occur just before our dinner, ending at 5:45.

I'm not going to change the day of the dinner, though I'm sorry about those who will have the SKSM/ML conflict, but if you attend the blogging workshop, be aware that the dinner site is only a few minutes away from the convention center, via MAX. We'll start gathering at 6 at Alexis.

More information later.


Jess said...

Ms. Kitty - I have just been informed that as the 22nd is my birthday, there are super-secret plans in the works and Obi and I will not be at the blogger dinner. :-( So y'all should have a shot of ouzo for us and enjoy yourselves!

PeaceBang said...

Please delete my name from the blogger dinner list.