Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blogger Dinner at GA---update

The following folks have signed up for the Blogger Dinner at General Assembly in Portland, June 22:
Linguist Friend, Chalice Chick, La Reina Cobre, PeaceBang, Jess, Obijuan, Kim and Joyce, Sara Robinson and daughter, Earthbound Spirit, Chance, UU Enforcer, Philocrites, UUpdater and partner, RevSean and partner, UU Soul, Postmodern Preacher, Rev. Ricky, Ogre and partner, Ron and Company, Every 7th Day and son. And me, plus possibly a guest.

If there are others who haven't yet let me know, please do so. I am going to make a reservation in the next few days and need to give a tentative number to the restaurant.

Speaking of restaurants, I've narrowed it down to two, both of which have large enough spaces, vegan/vegetarian options, and are within a block or two of the MAX line in downtown.

If you have a preference, please let me know. The two are Kell's Irish and Alexis .

PeaceBang has given me some good tips about details, including the use of CASH ONLY and NOBODY LEAVES TILL THE BILL IS SETTLED!

UPDATE! I have made an executive decision to go to Alexis for our dinner. I found out that Kell's is not available that evening and I was realizing that Kell's did not have as many good options for vegetarians and vegans. So I've made a reservation for 30 (that's about how many have signed up) for that evening and will update it as necessary at GA.


Chalicechick said...

I vote Alexis, solely on the basis of cuisine.


Jess said...

Yup, hands-down looks like better food at Alexis. And possibly less noisy.

UUpdater said...

Thanks for organizing, I'd like to add another to the roster ("UUpdater + partner"). Either restaurant would work for me, Alexis would be my preference as well.

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, Uupdater, your partner is on.

I've made an executive decision, since I found out that Kell's is not available that night and Alexis is.

We will be at Alexis, which is two blocks off the MAX and very convenient, plus it has more good vegan and vegetarian options than Kell's.

I've made a reservation for about 30 and will update it the week of GA.

Miss Kitty said...

I'm so sad that I don't live in the Pacific NW. But if I did, I'd ask if this gathering could include one non-UU college English prof. :-P

Have fun, and eat 'til you have to roll yourselves out the door!

ms. kitty said...

Miss Kitty, you can be our guest any time!

Joel said...

Never been to Alexis, but I'd walk across hot coals to eat at Kells. It's been a long time.

Not that it matters; I can't get there anyway. You might try Rimsky-Korsakoff's for dessert, on the east end of the Morrison Bridge.