Saturday, May 12, 2007

Up and Coming...

is the moniker our DRE and I have given our mini-course in "Coming of Age". We have two twelve year olds in our RE program, the oldest kids in our mini-RE program. We decided we needed to do something special for these two lovely pre-teens but didn't have the resources to provide a full COA program for them, so we concocted Up and Coming as a way to give them some preparation for UU youth-hood.

We've spent time with them around UU heritage and history, social action, leadership, spiritual practice, and all will culminate in their presenting their Credos to the congregation in June.

Today is their mini-Vision Quest experience. We are planning to take them to Lavender Wind Farm, up north outside of Coupeville and owned by a member of the congregation, where there is a Hopi-style labyrinth. We will walk the labyrinth in silence, then take them to the beach, where we will install each kid in a spot far enough from others that they can experience some solitude (as we keep an eye on them from afar). During the hour or so alone, they will be writing or drawing in their journals on the Credo questions we have given them.

Fortunately, my terrible cold is better and the weather will be clear and warmish, so I am looking forward to a great day. I'll report later on how it has gone.

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juffie said...

What a gift you are, and are giving. Fabulous.