Saturday, May 12, 2007

Let me just say it was a great day.

The Up and Coming mini-VisionQuest experience was a real high for me and our DRE and we are pretty sure it was a good experience for our two youth as well.

Some stream-of-consciousness noticings at the labyrinth: an eagle overhead, robins bouncing through the paths, small daisies in the grass, a gentle breeze off the strait, swallows darting, a redwinged blackbird, the Olympic mountains in the distance.

At the beach: the graceful forms of driftwood and rocks polished by waves, the detritus of the sea---kelp, broken shells, feathers---seabirds, the measured cadence of heron wings above the water, gentle waves breaking with the incoming tide.

Important realizations: the sacredness of the teaching role, being in relationship with young people, modeling what it means to be open to newness, the tenderness of young lives, how important it is to nurture them like young plants.

Every moment is a spiritual moment, but it is necessary to look at each moment through a spiritual lens, to see it. What is the beauty of this particular moment? what does it mean? what could it mean? what is its significance, what does it show about the sacredness of life? Nothing is truly inconsequential.

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