Saturday, February 02, 2008

Speaking Truth to Power---with Love

Every year at our congregational "Fun-raiser" auction, I offer the opportunity to choose a sermon topic during the coming church year. Last year the purchaser of the topic-choice was a longtime member of the congregation who took several months to decide what she wanted. It took me awhile to figure out where it should fit in the scheme of sermon topics, with the consequence that tonight is our annual auction and tomorrow I am preaching on her topic, "Speaking Truth to Power with Love".

It's been an interesting theme for me to develop and I've enjoyed this process. Two years ago, the purchaser of the topic-choice was a man who died suddenly before I could schedule his sermon. The topic he had chosen was "Belief Divides; Doubt Unites" and the sermon on this topic is tentatively scheduled for June of this year, at the request of his wife. She has been too raw to attend such an event in her husband's name and June of this year felt right to her.

I'm almost done with tomorrow's effort and will post it tomorrow night.

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