Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Wonderful Committee on Ministry...

met today and tussled with a few issues that COMs always have to tussle with----what is the minister's job and what is the job of volunteers, for example. And how do we encourage more programming in the congregation without taking it on ourselves? And should "it" be a goal for the minister or for others?

I love these folks---each of them has a definite and different perspective on my role as minister and I am educated and aided by each of them. Today one had brought some fruit crisp and ice cream, totally unexpectedly, and we conducted our business while enjoying this treat.

It was my responsibility to set forth the goals I have for this church year. We are a little late getting to that because of a variety of things---notably opening the new building and dealing with those issues---but they were appreciative of the goals I have set for myself this year:
1. to initiate programming to serve veterans in the community and to serve our Young Adults in the congregation
2. to re-connect with the issues of bi/gay/lesbian/trans civil rights, as I have felt very out of the loop since I left the board of the Religious Coalition for Equality.
3. to seek regular spiritual direction, using the opportunities offered by the Whidbey Institute's First Mondays.

I had intended to set the goal of going through the settlement process with this congregation, moving from being a contracted minister to being a settled minister. I've decided to put that on hold during this first year in the new building; it just seems like it would be too much to ask at this point and I don't feel the same kind of urgency I did awhile back.

It's been a beautiful, though chilly, day here today and I'm sitting at the computer looking out the window at the sunset sky---all rose and blue and gold---and feeling very lucky to be here now.

Tonight I'll go over to Langley to the Thursday night jam. I'm looking forward to singing with folks again, as we reconvene after the holiday. And Richard, my favorite fellow jammer, is recovered from the creeping crud he's had for three weeks, so he'll be there again and I love singing with him.

Happy Days!


LinguistFriend said...

It sounds as if you could have worse problems, although the settled minister business must be complex and significant. Meanwhile, some of us are just trying to finish the fall semester, writing quizzes and exams and grading everything in sight that moves too slowly to get away. You can just take an Incomplete for the settlement business and finish it up later.

ms. kitty said...

That's what I've decided to do, LF, and am glad to find language to cover the situation! You dear guy, thanks for your observations.

By the way, my brother in law went over the treasure trove of books you sent this summer, and he was bowled over by the incredible resource you have offered my little congregation. Once again, thank you so much!

LinguistFriend said...

Now that you have outed me on that score, I can say that I have about half of another box assembled, which you will get eventually.

ms. kitty said...

Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see what you are sending next. Thanks for your great generosity. And sorry not to have published your comment earlier---I just found it this morning after some troubles with my server.