Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's been a quiet day here...

as the snow continues to come down. It let up this morning and actually warmed up a bit, so that I did get out to the grocery store and post office. Amazingly, I walked into the post office in Freeland and NOBODY was waiting in line. In fact, nobody else but post office ladies was even there. I mailed off my packages to friends and family in a few minutes and was back home right away.

The weather has made every church activity this week somewhat unpredictable. Last Sunday we woke up to snow on the ground and very slippery roads; our RE department couldn't get out of their driveways, so RE was canceled. We considered canceling church but it turned out not to be necessary. Our music service was able to go on as scheduled, with a few substitute choir members (me included) and a fair turnout, considering the roads.

But it's been icy cold and snowy ever since. Today we canceled a Bayview Sound rehearsal because, though we might have been able to get there, we weren't sure we could get home again.
Who knows if we'll be able to rehearse tomorrow?

It's funny---PNW snow is different from any other snow I've experienced. It's heavy and wet and packs into sheets of ice rapidly when driven on. Colorado snow was a snap compared to this. I have gotten very wary of driving in PNW snow. I'd rather stay inside with cabin fever than go out and take my chances on the ice.

But today was productive---I've about got the O/S for Christmas Eve put together and it's a whole week away! For our RE pageant this Sunday (for which we will be lucky to get a practice in), I have very little to do and it's already written out. Of course, the weather forecast for Sunday is more snow, so we may not even have a pageant!

I'm looking ahead to my Dec. 27 flight to Reno to visit the FS and his family, wondering if the weather will cooperate. We'll see! Usually it wouldn't be a question in my mind, but this spate of cold and snow has me wondering.


Mile High Pixie said...

Did you see our -15 degree record low a few days ago? It hurt to go outside even for a second. And it was -15 while the sun was still up. It still boggles my mind.

I had no snow in Georgia to drive in, so learning to drive in Denver snow was probably the best thing. Our snow recently was very powdery, but it got mushed down and stayed frozen for the past few days, much like midwestern snow. Heavy snow is scary, isn't it? And it makes a teetotal mess!

ms. kitty said...

Boy, sounds like Denver has been in the deep freeze all right. Colorado snow is infinitely preferable to the heavy wet stuff, which is really hard to drive in. That sub-zero stuff is supposedly Stock Show weather, though! What's it doing in December?