Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Here if You Need Me" is a book by Rev. Kate Braestrup

that I've just finished reading and I want to recommend it to anyone looking for an inspirational, funny, poignant, sad, joyful, easy, deep few hours of reading.

Kate is a chaplain for the Maine Warden Service and this is the story of how she survived her husband's tragic death in a car wreck by fulfilling his dream of becoming a UU minister and thereby finding her own place to serve.

HIYNM is absolutely terrific. You'll love it.


Mile High Pixie said...

OH! I read an excerpt in Oprah Magazine this month. She's so articulate and inspiring, totaly reminded me of you.

ms. kitty said...

Gosh, what a compliment, Pixie, thanks! I think she's really admirable too.