Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Flogging the Blog?

UUpdater has announced the annual Blog Awards and lots of folks are suggesting their own blog posts as possible nominees. I'd love to do the same, but I have no idea what I'd suggest.

Anyhow, it all reminds me of my olden days in grade school, when it was taboo to nominate oneself for class president or other office; we had to wait for a friend to do so. And if we wanted to be nominated, it was considered a little crass to wave our arms about and shout "me, me, me".

I know it's perfectly acceptable to suggest nominatable posts, but this 50's survivor can't bring herself to do it.

Anyhow, being fairly new to the blogosphere, I'm still figuring out how to add features to the page and have no interest in looking back at old posts to find the good ones.

So, delicious as it might be to be nominated for something, I will stand shyly in the corner and wait demurely for someone to ask me to dance. And if nobody does, I'll go home and cry on my pillow, but I'll be fine. Really.


fausto said...

Nobody would be offended if you reviewed some of the past year's posts that you particularly enjoyed writing. Some of us who may have missed them the first time might simply appreciate another ooportunity for some good reading!

Chalicechick said...

You've already been nominated for one thing.

ms. kitty said...

Heavens, I've been asked to dance! Now if I can only remember how! Thanks, Fausto and CC.

LinguistFriend said...

Not all of us even know how to dance, anyway. The last time for me was Kiev in 1991, just after Yeltsin persuaded the Russian army tanks not to fire on Muscovites; no, it was CC's wedding. You do seem to have been noticed cordially in the nominations.