Friday, July 07, 2006

How do you spell Relief?

Somebody very important to me told me a week or so ago that the doctor had diagnosed the Big C in a lump removed and examined. All of us who love this person went into Fear Mode, praying for a Best Case, not Worst Case Scenario, offering support and advice about how to approach such a diagnosis, what had helped others in such a situation, and above all, offering reassurance and faith that whatever it turned out to be, we would deal with it together and IT WOULD BE OKAY. Whatever it was.

I have "prayed without ceasing" since I heard the news. I asked St. Google for information, I asked friends to pray and send energy, I have lit candles and thought hard about what Cancer means in a human life. It has been in the back forty of my mind for these many days, cropping up whenever I thought about young people seriously ill way too soon in life, about the commitments that are called into service, about the fear and disruptions that accompany serious illness, about how children's lives are affected when a parent is ill.

I have just learned that the diagnosis is NOT Cancer after all, though what it is is not completely determined yet. But it is not such a life-threatening ailment as Cancer. My heart felt like a helium balloon that has been underneath a blanket--------my heart immediately soared for the skies. My relief at this good news was giddy-making, as it was for the rest of us, especially this one we love so much.

What is it about relief? About things turning out better than expected? I know that Cancer is not the killer it once was; many people now recover completely from cancers that used to be lethal. But the C word is Fear Encrypted. And Fear can kill too. When the Fear is lifted, relief floods in. Talk about endorphins!

Anyhow, I'm a little giddy today. And I continue to pray without ceasing, this time with gratitude.

Amen, Shalom, Salaam, and Blessed Be.

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