Thursday, October 15, 2009

A letter to the editor of the South Whidbey Record

To the Editor of the South Whidbey Record:

Our ballots have begun to arrive in mailboxes all over our area and at this critical time in our history, I ask all voters to consider carefully the significance of their vote, the meaning of the act of voting, and the importance of considering the outcomes of this act.

Our individual votes mean a great deal; together, they shape the trajectory of this country, this state, this county. Though one vote in itself may not seem important, together we make the decisions that empower and distinguish us as a democratic nation. Therefore, I urge us all to VOTE.

When we cast our ballots, we take each others’ lives in our hands, in a sense. Successful and unsuccessful candidates for office find their lives and responsibilities changed. Referenda and initiatives also change people’s lives. If we vote one way, we may better our own lives but trash someone else’s. If we vote another, we may improve others’ lives but may have to adjust to changes in society. Therefore, I urge us all to VOTE TO IMPROVE OTHERS’ LIVES.

As we consider the possible outcomes of this year’s election issues, we need to realize that we have the power, through our votes, to hurt people, to diminish their standard of living, to declare them unequal under the law, to debase their relationships, to deny them compensation for their commitment to each other, to call them second-class citizens. A democratic society is committed to equal rights for all citizens. Therefore, I urge us all to VOTE TO APPROVE REFERENDUM 71 and ensure the safety and legitimacy of domestic partnerships, both same sex and senior couples.


Rev. Elizabeth “Kit” Ketcham
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island


Christina Martin said...

This is beautifully said. I hope it reaches a lot of eyes.

ms. kitty said...

Me too, Christina. Thanks for your note.