Monday, August 10, 2009

Rest in Peace, dear Tim

I've known Tim since 1999, when we met while passing the baton of ministership of my first congregation, Wy'east UUC in Portland. He had taken that little band of folks a long way in the year or more he spent with them, for which I was grateful. When he moved to the East Coast a few years later, I missed his presence at retreats and district gatherings but found his emails to the ministers' chat and posts on his blog to be a way of keeping in touch.

When I learned that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, my heart sank, but I was sure he would beat it. How could that spark be put out?

But it has been. Yet, somehow it still is here. Tim also served the congregation where I am right now, during a very tough year of growth and learning for them. He encouraged them in their work and helped them take steps forward. It may be true that our work in the world is how we are immortal.

Tim Jensen lives on, in my heart and in the hearts of all those he served and befriended.

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