Friday, August 21, 2009

I am turning into a curmudgeonette.

I find myself uncommonly crusty these days. I don't know how long it's been developing in me, whether it's a sign of age or incipient moral breakdown or just what, but certain kinds of people irritate the heck out of me.

I suspect it's partly because of the mood of the country these days. I am sick and tired of the media and its excesses, sick and tired of snarky remarks by pundits, sick and tired of the "I told you so" fever which chronicles every stray action or word delivered by our main public figure (yes, the President) as proof that the country is turning against him and they were right all along.

This irritation flows over into my everyday life, unfortunately. I attended a meeting recently to plan a community event with others who had also been working on it for a week or so. A first-time attender walked in, all flowing hair and scarf and makeup and elan, and within minutes she had scrambled all the circuits of planning, somehow overtaking and changing the plans made so far. In a sweet way, yes, and in a fairly positive way, but I found myself feeling dowdy and elderly and....resentful. She had no more credentials than I do, but somehow she took over. I was glad to leave the meeting early because I had a wedding rehearsal to go to!

BUT after the wedding rehearsal, I was confronted by a previously-unknown and unaccounted for wedding planner, a competent but somewhat officious person who arrived too late to scramble my carefully-rehearsed processional/recessional sequence but who insisted on repeating loudly her own set of instructions to whoever would stand still. Her instructions were very similar to mine but I still felt annoyed by her intrusion. In my opinion, wedding planners need to remember that the officiant is in charge of the wedding and they need to consult with the officiant before issuing orders about the ceremony.

It has been such a busy week, too, that I have fretted about having enough time to write the sermon for Sunday and have stolen a few minutes here and there all week. When I went back over it just now, I realized there were huge chunks that bore no relationship to each other and must be doctored and spliced in order to make sense. Arrrrggggh! I hate that!

A friend from Denver stopped by overnight mid-week and we had a grand time catching up on the olden days and the people we know in common, but the cats were anxious about her very lively dog, who at one point dashed into the woods after a rabbit, her leash flying in the wind, and got stuck in the brambles. I had to go in after her, because my friend is not mobile enough, and it turned out all right, but it was just one more anxiety in a week of anxieties.

Fortunately, though the fridge crapped out on Tuesday and had to be unloaded and defrosted for the repairman's visit (which couldn't happen till today), the news from the repairman was good. It doesn't look like a huge repair job and the quick fix he made today should last me till he can come back and do a real job on it Monday or Tuesday.

And it was lovely to go to the jam last night and sing with my sweet guy friends again. They let me sing lead on practically everything and we make such great harmony together!

So though I am turning into a curmudgeonette, I am apparently not there yet. Just the fridge repair and the lovely jam have been sufficient to overcome the effects of Flossy and Bossy, plus the sermon and the brambles. That's a relief. I'm too young for the alternative.


Lizard Eater said...

Stella, where can you go to get your groove back?

There are many people who will make fine curmudgeons, but I will be highly presumptuous and say firmly that you are not one of them. To adequately be a curmudgeon, one has to feel powerless, be cynical about human nature, and not filled with love. I believe that the sum total of your blog thus far would exonerate you of all charges.

But get back that groove so you can tell presumptuous things like scarf girl and wedding planner (and me) in a kind way that yet brooks no argument, that we need to sit down, take notes, and get up to speed before we join the program already in progress.

Whew! Maybe you should go do something you haven't done before. A little success seems to be a bit heady. I think I'd better go lie down for a while.

ms. kitty said...

I am laughing and laughing! Thank you, dear LE! I feel even less curmudgeonly than I did awhile ago. Do you think a healing is in progress?

Lizard Eater said...

Ummm, maybe. But you might want to try dancing on a tabletop, just to be sure.

ms. kitty said...

To the Mamma Mia soundtrack, right?

Kari said...

Hey, Kit....I'll be right there. Warm up the table top!

You are no curmudgeonette, you are a love!

Lizard Eater said...

You know me well!

Chalicechick said...

If you ever form an all-girl motown-style singing group call the Curmudgeonettes, I will join. I have a passable second soprano.


ms. kitty said...

Okay, CC, you're on. It's you, me, Lizard Eater, and Kari. Give it up for The Curmudgeonettes, all the way from DC, Texas, Seattle, and Whidbey. Now all we need is the backup band.

Joel Monka said...

You know, some of the finest breads and pastries are crusty!

ms. kitty said...

Oh, Joel, you are a sweetie! Thanks for the reminder.