Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Passionate Differences of Opinion...

are inevitable in this blogging biz, I've learned. Though virtually everyone at UUCWI this past Sunday raved about the sermon, there are definitely differing points of view. Joel at CUUMBAYA basically says "bah, humbug" about overpopulation; Joel the Neff and his beautiful and charming wife Christina, devout Catholics whom I love, have their own thoughts about the topic and they are not much like mine. Other commenters have had their own say and I have stepped back, not wishing to get into any arguments.

Not that I haven't argued to myself about the places we differ! In the car driving to Seattle today, I described very lucidly my own point of view about overpopulation and its connection to the environment, plus a few choice words about how perfectly wonderful my point of view is and how lame others' are. I'm great at arguments where I'm the only one talking. I'm not so hot at it when I'm arguing with people I love. I've never been any good at it and probably won't ever be. It's simply not in my nature to argue, even when I'm sure I'm right.

Passionate differences of opinion, after all, are not going to be reconciled and brought into submission by any well-chosen rhetoric, not mine, not yours, not nobody's. I admit that it's a little "let's you and him fight" sometimes, as in the 60's tome "Games People Play", and I sort of hoped others would duke it out in the semantical arena, but it didn't happen and that's just as well.

Passionate differences of opinion make this world juicy and interesting and push us forward in ways we don't even notice. I love it!

PS. My eye is healing nicely and the doc says I don't have to come back to see him unless I have trouble.


Christina Martin said...

I'm really glad to hear your eyes are mending so well. It could have been such a major thing, it's just such a relief it all turned out pretty well.

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, Christina, it was a little nervewracking, to say the least.

Earthbound Spirit said...

So glad to hear your eye is healing. Take care, Ms. K!