Thursday, November 06, 2008

Non-election-related news

Okay, I lied. I do want to say one election-related thing. It's the "yeah but" factor that I've noticed arising in the wake of a history-making election victory by the first black presidential candidate. As my dad used to say, "a yeah but is a half-brother to a halibut" and he would invariably say it when I'd begin to argue with some pronouncement he'd made. I was never quite sure at the time what he meant, but I did learn not to argue with him!

There's a lot of "yeah-butting" going on now that Barack Obama is the President-elect. I find it in myself too: "yeah, but will he be able to do what he said he would do?" "yeah, but will he and his family be safe, with the racism that still exists in our country?" "yeah, but what if he falls on his face?" "yeah, but look at all the other stuff that went wrong"

It's the political equivalent of "this old thing? I just threw it on" or "you're just saying that to be nice" or "I do? you must be crazy to think I look good today" or "it was nothing---it was what anyone would have done". Hasn't Miss Manners straightened us all out yet? You receive a compliment, an accolade, a recognition of your hard work and YOU SAY THANK YOU! not depreciate the wonderfulness of the moment.

So to all those who just have to qualify the election of this remarkable man, this remarkable event, with all their "yeah buts"-----we know there are hard times ahead, we know it didn't go great for everyone. Could we just enjoy this moment for awhile without all the downer talk? Thanks.

Now on to the non-election-related news, for I skipped over a couple of things that happened over the weekend.

Saturday night was our auction and my little band provided the entertainment, 45 minutes of great songs well done. We were well-received, though the noise level in the place as people perused the silent auction tables and sipped wine and ate munchies was pretty high and I'm not sure how well people could hear us. Luckily, we could turn up the amps. Our "Bayview Sound" would have been more aptly titled "Bayview Pond", as we were down to three members, two of the others being either sick or unavailable.

The service the next day went very well. People liked the reading and the sermon (for both, you can scroll down to earlier posts to read them). We had good attendance, too, despite the big bash the night before. Rumor has it that we did very well with the auction, bringing in even more than last year's event.

Bayview Sound ( oh dear, that's BS for short, isn't it?) is working on several new songs, including one I found by Old Crow Medicine Show entitled "I Hear Them All". Check it out over at Will's place.


ogre said...

Bay View Sound. Easy fix.


ms. kitty said...

Nope, Bayview is all one word here. But it doesn't matter. Thanks for the suggestion, Ogre.

Bill Baar said...

Obama sort of leads the pack though with the down beat stuff... read Dan Henninger today in WSJ.

Harry Reid let loss a few weeks ago claiming an another unnamed insurance company was going belly up and next day the whole sector lost 10% or something.

I've never seen a party talk down the economy quite like this crowd has done.

Joel said...

You can't say I'm yeah-butting, because I was negative about him from the get-go. :)

Nevertheless, I hope he really can deliver on most of the promises he made. Lord knows we could use some improvements in our country. (Bill, I don't know what industry you're in, but the economy is in a nervous state. The recession isn't theoretical.) I hope I was wrong about a lot of things regarding Barack Obama.