Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lovely things that happened this morning at church:

1. J and P slipped in quietly during the prelude and stood up at Joys and Concerns to mention their hope for our veterans-support program.
2. E and K did a fabulous skit to kick off Guest at your Table. And E was a great worship leader.
3. Two unidentified women with two young teen girls came in a bit late and sat quietly during the service, then left immediately after the service. I think they were the lesbian couple and daughters who had contacted me earlier. I hope they liked the service.
4. We didn't have enough boxes for GAYT but it was okay.
5. There were four periods of silence during the sermon and people loved the meditative time.
6. Several people knew how to sing "Count Your Blessings".
7. The music this morning was wonderful---flute, violin, and cello. Two musicians were kids.
8. J and P found out that several people in the congregation are interested in getting a vet-support program going.
9. We welcomed several new members (13?) into the congregation.
10. We're going to the Chinese place for dinner tonight, spontaneously organized this morning.

The most joyful thing is that I see some of the positive results of my ideas and leadership taking shape.

And a cool thing that happened last night was that I went to hear some friends (Deja Blooz) perform at a local venue and they invited me to sing "Summertime" with them. It was great!

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Mile High Pixie said...

Yay! Sounds like it was a good productive day/evening. Nothing like seeing results from your hard work to make you want to do more good, hard work.