Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looking forward to Thanksgiving

My sister and her husband, plus his two sons and their mates, will be here for Thanksgiving, assuming Snoqualmie Pass isn't inundated with November snow. The weather report is favorable, so I'm expecting them tomorrow about mid-afternoon. I got a ferry report this afternoon, however, that warned of long lines and they will probably have to wait a couple of hours for a boat.

Tomorrow I have almost nothing on the agenda other than getting ready for their visit. Today I got the guest room ready for J and P. The "boys" are only coming for dinner on Thursday and then heading back home or on to the next dinner.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I don't have to do much during the three days leading up to the big day; there's no sermon to prepare, no service to choose hymns for, as the post-T'giving service is usually lay-led. I can just look forward to enjoying worship, though, of course, there are always questions and issues to settle whenever I'm present.

On Friday, we'll probably go thrift-store gleaning, as that's a favorite pastime when we get together. We wouldn't go to a mall for the life of us! Boy, are those days behind me! I used to love going to the Cherry Creek mall on "Black Friday", when I lived in Denver; now I wouldn't go for love nor money. Too crowded, too frenetic, too artificial, too soul-crushing.

Friday afternoon there's a jam at N's house, but I doubt we'll go, unless it's just to stop by and say hello. I hate to miss the music, but I wouldn't go and leave J&P at home. I enjoy their company too much.

Tonight I'm kind of at loose ends. I could read a book (Marilynne Robinson's newest, "Home") but it's really more of a bedtime activity for me. I am not a TV watcher, once the news is over, except that I do enjoy Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's 8-9 p.m. replay of their 11 p.m. show from the day before. So I might do that, but really I'm not looking for anything in particular to do. If I were, I could clean up my office, which has been on my to-do list for weeks. Not interesting enough.

So I realize I'm babbling, but I felt a need to post something, even something boring. And now I have done that.


Kari said...

Oh Kit, you are so dear! I think the Pacific Northwest weather has us all a little cagey. I'm not looking forward to my files, but I'm going to put on a chick flick (away from the teenage boys) and dig in.

Good luck!

ms. kitty said...

Have a great holiday, Kari, and enjoy that chick flick w/o teenage boys!

Kim said...

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday: All the joys of Christmas, with none of the stress of gifts.

Happy Turkey day, My dear Kit!

ms. kitty said...

Thank YOU, dear Kim!