Saturday, September 06, 2008

Whew! What a day!

This morning, Wry Whiskey and the Whiskey Chicks did our thing at Hunger Awareness Day for the island. We had a great time and the songs went well. We muffed a couple of things on occasion, but nothing serious.

The thing about performances like that is that very few people are really listening. They're walking around and gabbing with friends and not paying much attention. Some were even unaware enough to walk right across the little concrete "stage" where we were singing---while we were singing!

I had trouble initially just focusing on the music because there were so many distractions. But I got past that and we did well. I hope we get to do another gig somewhere soon, because I really love working with this crew. We all get along so well and sound good together too.

Once our gig was over (we sang for about an hour and a half, with a break in the middle), I had to scoot up to Oak Harbor to do a wedding. I was pretty tired, but the excitement of the wedding jazzed me up again and the couple I was marrying is so wonderful that I stayed lots longer than I usually do. Had a couple of truly memorable conversations with the brother of the bride and the sister of the groom--one of the occasional high points in an occasion known more for party talk than spiritual talk. Nice.

Now I'm home and a little too wound up to go to bed. Max came inside a few minutes ago; he's staying out later at night and that worries me, but I can't do much about it if he's out when I have to leave the house.

Tomorrow we will meet on the green outside the new building and process inside, singing "Come, Come Whoever you are" and have our Ingathering, Intergenerational Water Ceremony. Yay!


Lizard Eater said...

What a weekend! I hope that a hot bath or a cool drink (or whatever) is there for you at the end of it all.

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, LE. It has been a wonderful day so far. We had our first service in our new space this morning, had a record crowd turn out and fill up the new space almost to the brim!