Monday, September 08, 2008

To Everything There is a Season...

is the theme of the Whidbey Institute's "First Monday" retreat, to which I will be going in an hour or so. (I know, it's not really the first Monday, but you can probably figure out the reason.) It's a day of rest with spiritual direction available, a room with a bed and desk for naps and for journaling; there are wooded trails to walk, lunch and snacks are provided, and there will be a session of Qi Gong for those interested.

My friend Amanda and I are going and may make it a regular thing. We are both in places in our lives that need some reflection time and it's often not easy to take that time away from daily activities. Amanda is a UU minister/spiritual director/playwright/entrepreneur, funny and thoughtful and honest and I dearly love her. We have been friends since she told me at my first UUMA retreat, "I like you, Kit, you're a troublemaker too!" or some such words. I knew instantly what she meant---not a bad girl troublemaker, but a good girl troublemaker like she is, asking questions, being honest, being real. It was quite a compliment.

There are a lot of things I want to reflect on: my growing delight in making music, my relationship with this beloved congregation, my growing affection for a male friend, what it means to be the age I am with the interests I have, where I want to be in ten years. I am taking my journal, the book "Stiff", and my wellworn bird book.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Miss Kitty said...

This sounds like MY kind of retreat. I'd love to be there for a week. Is that available? Any retreats like that in the Southeast?

ms. kitty said...

Yes, they let people come and stay for days in a row. I don't know if they do organized week-long retreats, but they certainly let people come and stay for awhile. I don't know about the Southeast, but there probably are. You could Google the Whidbey Institute and make contact with their staff and ask them about other retreat sites.