Monday, August 18, 2008

Cool and Rainy after a Hot Weekend

I got back last night about 7 from my trip to eastern Washington to visit my sister in Moses Lake and then drive down to the TriCities on Sunday morning to preach at the little UU church there. Moses Lake was scorchingly hot---100+ degrees---and I almost, but not quite, felt guilty about holing up with a book most of the day Saturday.

My brother in law was busy with church stuff (he's a deacon in their CMA congregation) most of the time I was there, so my sister and I went out for supper Friday night at their great Mexican find, Inca, bringing home leftovers of fabulous fajitas and enjoying raspberry margaritas with dinner. The rest of the evening we spent reading because they don't have TV and we had no movies we wanted to watch.

Saturday we prowled the nearby garage sales, finding a few useful items, and went to the huge farmers' market where we snagged some great melons, corn, potatoes, wax beans, baked goods, and dog biscuits. You ask about the dog biscuits? Both my singing companions have lovely dogs---Eve and Bodhi---and I wanted to bring them a treat. Saturday afternoon we just hung out in the cool house and read our books some more.

I had been looking forward to being in ML for a couple of days because it is the only place I visit where I don't have to DO anything. My sister sometimes lets me help, if I ask, but she as often as not just tells me to stay put. Her kitchen is small and efficient and I can easily get in the way. So I sit in their great big easy chairs with my feet up and read whatever books I've brought.

Since the Neff quit his job at the local newspaper, they don't even buy the paper anymore, so I am pretty effectively cut off from the news, too. What a blessing! I can get snippets of news from their computer, but mostly I don't. I do check my email and my favorite blogs, but that's about it.

When I come back from Moses Lake, I feel pretty washed clean of stressors for awhile. Yes, it's hot, yes, the traffic on I-90 can be bad going home on Sunday afternoon, but it's all worth it. And I dearly love spending time with my sister and her family. I missed seeing the Neff and his troops, however; that was a loss.

Sunday morning I drove down to Pasco to preach at the little UU church there and met my high school friend Mary Alice, who drove up from Pendleton to attend and go out to lunch with me. We had a terrific time catching up on eastern Oregon news and the gossip from our classmates. I am so grateful to have her and my other high school pals back in my life. Next year is our 50th reunion and I'm planning to be there!

As I drove down Snoqualmie Pass yesterday afternoon, the temperature dropped lower and lower and by the time I was on the ferry headed home, it had dropped to about 70. In the night, it rained and this morning is cool and cloudy, with a few sprinkles. Ah, home again!

Later this week, I'm going to be able to meet with a UU blogger friend, CUUMBAYA, when he and his family visit relatives in Port Townsend. I'm looking forward to that. Otherwise, the week is pretty easy-going, except that I have to write a sermon on "Worth and Dignity 101".

More later.


Joel said...

Y'know, we were here the whole time. Had no idea you were even in town. If you'd come a week earlier, you could have been there for Pete's baptism.

Next time you want Mexican, El Rodeo is even better than the Inca. So authentic you'll want to avoid drinking the water. :)

ms. kitty said...

I wish I could have been there for Pete's baptism, Joel. The stars worked out another way. At least I got a full moon over the lake and some gorgeous sunsets!

How can it be better than the Inca? I'll have to try it next time.