Monday, March 12, 2007

Covenants and Money

Yesterday's sermon went over pretty well and I was pleased by the response of those who attended the service. The sermon segued from our involuntary covenant with life, to the choices we make about which early covenants we will keep and how, to the deep grooves worn in our hearts by the experiences we've had in our lives, and on to how our early experiences with money have made us touchy about money.

Of course, folks could have just been enthusiastic because the power went off in the middle of the service, since winds were howling across the island all day, and my "teacher voice" reached to the far corners of the room without amplification. We have a fair number of folks who have hearing deficits and can't enjoy the service unless they can hear it.

And it's a good thing we now are on daylight savings time, because we had enough daylight to read the hymnal by! We have 4 p.m. services and we wouldn't have had enough daylight to have an enjoyable service, had we not all woken up at 2 a.m. to set the clocks ahead. You did, didn't you?

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LinguistFriend said...

The idea of 4 PM services brings pleasant memories of boarding school in Vermont, when the Universalist minister Mounir Sa'adeh (sp.?; born in Damascus and educated in Beirut, part time excellent European history and philosophy teacher, school chaplain de facto without that label) arranged afternoon services, perhaps so they would not interfere with morning services for his role as local Universalist minister to the townspeople. If you brought people a new of way of thinking about things, not taking their earlier point of view for granted, that had something of Mounir's gift. Good luck with the electricity.