Friday, February 02, 2007

Books and cats--Ms Kitty's cure

Well, I didn't get over to the beach, but I did stop by a friend's house and gave her cat Ophelia some pastoral care. Ophie had her tail in a twist because her owners are taking care of A Dog; Oph and I are buds and she likes to crawl into my lap and tell me all her troubles. She is an ancient old girl with a voice like a squeaky gate but it is a pleasure to listen to her complaints.

So that helped. Plus I went to the Langley bookstore (Moonraker--great name, huh?) and picked up a Sister Fidelma mystery I hadn't yet read (Peter Tremayne is the author), as well as a couple of other murderous tales.

The landlord has reduced my rent temporarily while the repairs are being made and that's one reason I felt flush enough to splurge on a few books with little redeeming social value. Of course, Sister Fidelma is an education in early Irish law and a long-ago boyfriend and I once attended a Halloween party as Sister Fidelma and her sweetie Brother Eadulf. I looked great in a cowled robe and red wig!

And then I came home and found a useful comment from Judy and a sweetly comforting comment from LinguistFriend. I feel like I've been visited by angels.

I'm still a bit blah, but I've been soothed into not minding so much. Off to Vashon tomorrow for a couple of days. The sermon for Sunday is an oldie, "Our Love is Here to Stay", about relationships and how the stages of love relationships can be similar to those of connecting with a faith community. The fact that I'm doing a re-run is a symptom of the blahs, but I do feel some creative rumblings beginning, so I expect to be picking up speed here soon.


LinguistFriend said...

Well, that sounds like a sign of improved mood, which I am pleased to learn of. In some parts of the country they're staying up to 12:01 AM to see the blogathon outcomes, but I don't know what time zone is defining.

ms. kitty said...

I meant to say that I was sorry to hear your car and you had been in an accident. How did that all happen? It sounds like you're okay, but without a car for now.

Christina Martin said...

Aw, I wouldn't think of a fun read as being of little social value... I'd consider it, instead, reading that helps keep your imagination and language lively.

LinguistFriend said...

I overlooked your question yesterday, for which I apologize.
Wed. AM early at a four-way stop in town, the driver of a farm truck, who was looking at students on the corner, accelerated into the right rear of my station wagon as I was crossing the intersection, spinning me 180 degrees and doing obvious but not major damage to the wagon. I was wearing the safety belt and was unharmed, to the relief of the students. The other driver was quite honest (I have the police report), so it should all be taken care of without major expense to me. My Volvo wagon (usually referred to as Gunnar) is drivable; body work takes a while, so eventually a local shop will get to it. Tonight Gunnar and I made our usual Sat. night run to Toledo to pick up food for our local shelter for battered women and children, and Gunnar behaved himself quite well, as the insurance estimator predicted yesterday. The accident induced sober thoughts, but that was as good an outcome as one could wish, so far.

ms. kitty said...

Gunnar! What a great name for a Volvo! I'm thankful you're okay and that the damage is only chassis-deep.