Thursday, February 08, 2007


The author of the article mentioned in the earlier post responded immediately to my plaint in such a thoughtful way that I have reprinted his note here:

"Thanks for your note. "Rave and reflection" is a nicer way of putting it
than "Rave and a complaint"!
"I guessed that the humorous approach to the Universal Life ordination
might rub some people the wrong way, though as one who grew up in the
Unitarian church, I guess I thought it would be the Baptists I'd hear
from first!
"But forgive me for being glib. I respect your profession and the
selfless hard work that goes into it, and I'm sure the easy confusion
between "Unitarian Universalist" and "Universal Life" must grate after a
"Mr. Childs struck me overall as a very thoughtful individual with a
slightly impish sense of humor, which I wanted to reflect. His book,
"Stone Palaces," published by The Mountaineers, might give you more
insights into his character than I could in a 7-inch sidebar.
"I'm glad you found the article's information useful!
"Best regards,
"Brian Cantwell"

Thank you, Brian Cantwell, for your kind response to my gripe!

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