Monday, June 26, 2006

What is Ms. Kitty's?

I've had a lot of nicknames in my life and Ms. Kitty is one of my favorites. I used to write a monthly column for my local Mensa newsletter and "Ms. Kitty's" was the title of the column. I let my IQ expire a few years ago when Mensa became just too much of a head trip for me, so I haven't used that particular nickname in awhile. The original Miz Kitty, of course, is the redoubtable Amanda Blake from Gunsmoke, a heroine whose ability to keep the equally redoubtable Mister Dillon in line always had me in awe.

I figure that at a Saloon, one's lips are apt to be somewhat looser and, as they say, "in vino veritas". Not that I will be drinking heavily during these expositions, but I do aim for looser lips than usual, in expressing my thoughts.

And Road Show? Well, that's my secret love--to be able to sing and perform for an audience, something I have loved to do since I was a kid and won a talent show with my best friends, Marla and Marilyn. The three of us, in sixth grade, had intended to pantomime (aka "lipsync") a funny song (We Gotta Put Shoes on Willie), but we broke the record just before curtain time and ended up singing it instead of pantomiming. And we won! I mention this because my dear friend Marilyn Day Leibenguth just died of a brain aneurysm four days ago and I have been remembering all the good times we had as kids growing up in Athena, Oregon.

These days, the Road Show takes the form of a Unitarian Universalist pulpit, where I can sing and perform to my heart's content, offering, I hope, a message of hope and love and justice to those who listen.


Pendleton Cowgirl said...

I believe I have a picture of you, Marla, and Marilyn ... on the playground of Athena Grade School.

ms. kitty said...

Wowee! I don't have any pictures of us together. It would be great to see it!