Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The scary thing about blogging

Here's the scary thing about blogging, for me: I've just invited a whole bunch of friends and relations to actually read the thing! What if they do? What if they hate what I've written or take it personally or some other such negative response? What if they tell me they hate it? And what if they hate it and DON"T tell me? And what if they like it or agree with something or want to add their own observations? Can I cope with success and/or failure?

But also, what if they don't read it? I tell you, the possibilities of humiliating and offending someone are endless------and that someone could be ME!

So now I've taken the plunge, this person who tries to avoid making mistakes or stupid statements at all costs. I've probably said something infernally offensive to someone out there and will doubtless hear about it. Will my ego shrivel? Will I get mad? Am I adult enough to be challenged and respond gracefully? Time will tell. After all, the very act of writing a blog implies a strong ego and the ability to respond to challenge with grace and maturity. Writing a blog also implies that the writer has something cogent to say------do I? (If not, what am I doing in the ministry?)

Well, we're about to find out, aren't we?


fausto said...

You are off to an awesome start, ms. kitty. Keep it up!

Susan said...

I know exactly what you mean! When I first gave out my address to people I knew in real life, well it kinda psyched me out, too. I think it's been a very good exercise in being true to my authentic self - thinking about what I *really* want to say despite any possible repercussions. And I think it's given my friends & family insights that they might not otherwise get during the rush of daily life.

I hope you stick with it, I look forward to reading more!