Monday, June 26, 2006

Creating something new----what a rush!

One of my favorite theologians, Henry Nelson Wieman, speaks of the Creative Force as his idea of the Divine, of "God". And though there will likely be nothing divine about my blog, just creating it, giving myself a forum for my thoughts and a chance for feedback from others, is quite a rush.

On this blog, I'm joining the growing cadre, horde, cavalcade of men and women using the internet to put their ideas "out there". As I've read other blogs and have commented on others' posts, I've become increasingly aware of the fact that I have my own ideas-----and they aren't the same as everybody else's. So, putting my money where my mouth is, or rather, putting my thoughts where my screen is, was the logical next step.

I'm a Unitarian Universalist minister, in the biz for more than a few years, if you count growing up as an American Baptist preacher's kid, serving as an American Baptist Home Missionary for awhile, moving on into teaching and counseling and general church lady activities, and eventually morphing all these skills and experiences into Unitarian Universalist ministry. I've served several congregations, all in the western US, and am currently busier than I ever expected to be with two small congregations, interfaith work with other local clergy interested in marriage equality, and a wealth of family and friends.

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