Thursday, August 26, 2010

In a slump....

when it comes to blogging. I just can't get inspired by much of anything right now. I'm in the throes of planning for the new church year, which means meetings (covenant of right relations, science/ethics/meaning, board, committee on ministry, worship, staff); the band has had several gigs in the recent past and continuing today through mid-September; I've been concerned about several parishioners who are ill or struggling; and the things I'm thinking about seriously are not blog fodder.

But here are a few of the other ideas that have floated through my mind:

1. Reading "Sex at Dawn", which purports to be a study (somewhat racy in language and style, but very readable) of how humankind is really supposed to be polygamous rather than monogamous, so that the temptations of men (and presumably women) need not be squelched, avoided, quelled, but respected and sanctioned, because it's so important to have a sex life. I see the authors' point, but, having been hurt by infidelity of a few kinds (sex, alcohol, for starters), I am inclined to think that human beings need to tie a string around "it" and keep it in the pants IF they are in committed relationships. If the relationship is committedly open, that's the participants' prerogative; if it's not, then monogamy is the safest option, even though it may be tough for the randy individual. ( Though I have never personally witnessed a successful "out" open relationship. Somebody seems to always get the short end of the stick.) Also, the authors do not consider the aging process nor give a set of options for those of us who are no longer prowling for sex but rather for companionship.

2. For some reason, I am missing Colorado and have spent a good deal of time recently checking the Denver Post online to see if there's news of anybody I know in the Jefferson County school district, where I used to teach/counsel. I was significantly jealous upon viewing a photo in the Jeffco retirees newsletter of some of my former colleagues singing a few old union songs with Peter Yarrow---yes, that Peter Yarrow! I've been warbling "Union Maid" ever since.

3. It frosts my cookies that Washington State does not have a public beach law, like Oregon does. Of course, the shoreline of Puget Sound would make that very complicated, so I understand, but it's frustrating on Whidbey (paradise that it is) not to be able to walk the beach for miles at a time.

4. I'm looking forward to our gig tonight, which is on the Virginia V ship in Lake Union; it's a fundraiser for the M Bar C ranch in Freeland, which hosts the Forgotten Children Fund activities. It's a $100 a plate feast and festivities and we are getting paid! Plus we're getting dinner out of the deal, though I don't know if it's the same cuisine as the paid guests.

5. I'm sick of my hair being long. I'm going to get Amy to cut it off, I think. The straggliness of my limp locks and the persistent tickle of stray strands down my neck are getting to me. I want cute hair that doesn't need to be tended so much!

6. I will be so glad to get rid of this cataract! The vision in my left eye is cloudy and fuzzy and the prospect of getting rid of that fuzzy cloud outweighs any hesitation that the few risks of cataract surgery present.

Okay. I may add more as I think of other things.


LinguistFriend said...

I really hope and trust that the catarhact surgery will go well, but such things make one antsy. If you trust the source of the specialist recommendation, that is usually sufficient to avoid paranoia about medical/surgical treatment. I know that the gig went well, per your Facebook. I suspect that the hair can be fixed up, and old stomping grounds do sometimes linger in one's mind. And companionship - I wish you well. You deserve it, and partly you create it for yourself, that is the nature of the job.

Adam Byrn "Adamus" Tritt said...

Supposedly i have a cataract. But it is in the eye that doesn't work, so why get it fixed. I figure I can use it to scare children.

I sometimes write two or three posts a month. Sometimes two or three months a post. In the first instance I have no time. In the second, I begin to worry. Maybe I'll never write again.

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, LF and Adamus, for your thoughts.

kimc said...

I have heard from some people who are into "polyamory" that they just don't get jealous. I think most of us do get jealous. so I'd say that for the folks who are somehow missing the jealous gene, then having open relationships is fine if both/all people in the relationship agree and are all sans jealousy. For the rest of us, I think we have to carefully make our own arrangements, but honestly. I've never seen multiple relationships look like they are really working either.
Polygamy is different: it's pure out and out male chauvinism. Based on power. On the conservative end of the spectrum, not the revolutionary.

Mile High Pixie said...

LOL at your random thoughts, Rev. Kit! I've had a hard time blogging lately myself. Everytime I think about sitting down and pounding something out, it makes me feel tired and meh. So I completely empathize with your slump as well. I'm trying to make myself do at least one a week if not two posts. I don't always hit that target, but it gives me something to aim what little energy I have at.

Though common sense would dictate that I just conserve all my energy and wait until the blogging fire returneth...

Miss Kitty said...

I'm in a blogging slump, too, so you're certainly not alone. When the "blogging spirit" returns, we'll be here waiting for you.

On a happy note: Take it from an English teacher that the material you *have* been posting is excellent. :-)