Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A comment on the Animal Blessing service...

from the owner of one of the blessees.

We want to thank you for your blessing our Charlie. She is one changed dog-well, she is trying to be. She still struggles with the principle of respect and dignity for others-occasional scuffles with the other dogs usually ending up with Charlie getting bit in the snout (I have the same battle, as you know, except for the snout part).

My only suggestion for the next animal ceremony would be to make it a little more detailed (at least for Charlie). Possible areas of concern might be: improved bowel control when at the Coupeville Farmers' Market, while chatting with the mayor and we have just used our last plastic bag, use of an indoor voice in the vet's waiting room, and everyone's favorite-crotch sniffing etiquette at social gatherings except, with Republicans, of course (there's that pesky respect and dignity principle again!!)

We are perfectly willing to come early for all the extras!!!

Thanks again, Kit, and we look forward to seeing you at church, and the Sat. get togethers-

Linda, Elaine, and Charlie
(Printed with permission from the owner)

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