Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cleaning out closets...

feels so good, somehow! I have grimaced in pain every time I've looked in my hall closet or in the storage closet in the office, thinking "I just have to clean this mess up one of these days". So this morning, having little reason NOT to, I tackled the hall closet, took a bunch of boxes of stuff down to the basement (I don't have to look at it there) and reorganized what remained. Wow! Now I remember where all that important stuff went---it was stuffed into the hall closet. (Of course, now it's stuffed into the downstairs junk bin.)

Having worked up a sweat toting boxes up and downstairs, I decided to look at the office closet and see what else might be better stored downstairs. Hmmm, what shall I do with all these old photos? Well, I've always said that if there were a fire, I'd want to save the photos. Better get them where I can grab them, if necessary. So now they're in the hall closet. (Quit laughing.)

All the other boxes of mementos went to the basement----my ordination video and the well-wishing cards and trinkets that came at that occasion, two heavy boxes of old sermons, an ancient desk lamp, the Coleman stove (what was that doing in there?), that sort of thing. Now all the office supplies are neatly stacked on the shelves in the closet, the computer software all in one place, only the most recent sermons still there. (It's amazing how handy old sermons are, if only to remind me where I was hermeneutically and homiletically ten years ago.)

Believe me, the office is not substantially better, but the storage closet is a miracle of organization. Somehow that really improves my sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with the job. I still have many boxes of books sent by our dear donor Linguist Friend that are soon to be ensconced in our new church library and I will probably wait until they are duly delivered to do a real job on the office.

One of these days I'm going to take this increasingly large pile of outdated financial papers and tax returns (yes, I know how many years to save) over to Office Max in Oak Harbor for shredding. I've been saving some of them for twenty years; they need to be destroyed. It's been on my to-do list for decades. That will be a huge load off my mind.

Spring cleaning has never particularly been part of my routine but there's something about the green shoots, the fragrant daphne bush outside my door, the newly mown lawn smell, that has gotten me going this morning. Now I'm looking around for the next tidying up project!


Mile High Pixie said...

OMG! It's so funny that you posted this--my post tomorrow is on doing some major spring cleaning here in Denver.

kimc said...

Oh, I miss the smell of daphne. We had a bush in our yard when I was growing up. I tried to grow some here but it died. When we were in high school, my sister and I would were daphne in our hair when it was in bloom, and in a couple of days everyone else who had a daphne bush did the same and the whole school smelled of it.
Did you know there is a woman in Marin named Daphne Daphne?

Elz said...

My roommate hopes your example will influence the mess in our shared public rooms!

ms. kitty said...

The smell of daphne brings back such acute sensations to me too, Kimc. I don't have specific memories associated with it but when I first smelled it again years ago during my first Portland spring in 2000, I felt like a little kid again. I have craved the smell ever since and finally got one of my own. It didn't flower, however, until I got to Whidbey.

Pixie, I'm looking forward to your post today. Elz, I hope you and your roomie are inspired!

Thanks, all, for your thoughts.

Robin Edgar said...

I expect that UUA President Peter Morales, UUA Trustees, and UUA administrators responsible for dealing with clergy misconduct grimace in pain every time I remind them that they just *have* to clean this mess up one of these days. . . It is now over a month since I sent President Morales this "electronic communication" and I have yet to receive so much as an acknowl3edgment of receipt for it. I guess I will just have to send him yet another U*U reminder and "cc" it to the UUA Board of Trustees.

ms. kitty said...

Robin, this is pretty close to the edge of "on-topic". I'll let this one in, but no more, please.

Robin Edgar said...

Thanks for posting that Ms. Kitty.

One's enough for this post.

You were an inspiration today, as you will see if you visit The Emerson Avenger blog. :-)

Have a great weekend,


ms. kitty said...

You too, Robin.