Friday, January 01, 2010

Thinking about 2009 and what I've learned from my experiences...

is on the docket for today. Yesterday I went through my daybook for the past year and made a list of all the major events of my life, both professional and personal. Today I intend to review that list closely and see how my life has changed because of them and what that might mean for the coming year. It may take me awhile to do that, so be patient.

I used to do this every New Year's Day but I've gotten out of the habit. 2009 was a game-changing year for me in a few ways and I think that it would be good discipline to review and record those changes, mostly for myself but also for those who might be interested in thinking about how to assess the past year for themselves.

So let me get at the task. I'll be back later.


Lizard Eater said...

Personal Audit! I love it!

Robin Edgar said...

U*U Self-Ass*essment!

I love it! :-)

Happy New Year Ms. Kitty!

Now if only I can persuade the UUA and a certain unmentionable U*U "church@ to do a bit of a forensic audit aka self-assessment of their past sins of commission and sins of ommission it would be a very happy new year for me.

Not that it won't be anyway. . .